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    This umpire manual is the definitive resource for professional and amateur umpires alike. It is the official umpire manual and rulebook for Minor League Baseball Umpire Development (formerly PBUC). This MiLB manual contains over six hours of narration of the official rule interpretations and clarifications used throughout Minor League Baseball.

    Changes in the 2019 edition include the numbering of interpretations. These have changed from previous editions due to the addition of 20 new interpretations for this season. All Official Baseball Rule numbers in the MiLB Umpire Manual refer to the 2019 Official Baseball Rules.

    Featured sections include: 

    • The conduct and responsibilities of umpires
    • Game preliminaries
    • Equipment
    • Players and the playing field
    • Lineups and substitutions
    • Progress of the game
    • Appeals and awards Interference and obstruction
    • Pitching regulations
    • Miscellaneous clarifications
    ©2019 Minor League Baseball Umpire Development (P)2019 Minor League Baseball Umpire Development

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