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    In this hot raunchy collection filled with lusty lesbians, you’ll find doctor sex, threesomes, first time lesbian sex, vibrator sex, cuckold, office sex, and more. 

    Books in this audiobook bundle include: 

    1. "Lesbian Leaving Party - Lesbian Erotica"
    2. "Lesbian Threesome at The Massage Parlour - Lesbian Erotica"
    3. "A Rare Vintage - Lesbian First Time Sex"
    4. "Lesbian Gangbang - A Rough Initiation"
    5. "A Handy Tutorial - Lesbian Vibrator Fun"
    6. "Lesbian Gangbang - Enjoying Nature"
    7. "Lesbian Fun at The Office"
    8. "The Lesbian Threesome"
    9. "I Spy - First Time Lesbian Threesome"
    10. "Lesbian Initiation"
    11. "Lesbian Sex Therapist - Lesbian Threesome"
    12. "Lesbian Shop Assistant"
    13. "Seduced by the Doctor - Lesbian Doctor Sex"
    14. "Lesbian Ann Summers Party"
    15. "Intern Affairs - Lesbian Doctor Sex"
    16. "Grinding The Barleycorn: Lesbian First Time Erotica"
    17. "Slutting Out Her Wife - Lesbian Cuckold F/F/F"
    18. "Take My Wife Please - First Time Lesbian Threesome"

    These stories are a work of fiction and contain sex scenes and are suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are over 18 years old.  

    ©2018 Kelly Sanders (P)2018 Kelly Sanders

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