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    Looking for Paranormal erotica? Then you'll love this collection! In this collection of 13 erotica stories (yes "lucky" 13) we have; Vampires that lust for blood and sex, Passionate Ghosts that want to feel again, a curse that makes people into sex fiends, witches, demons and more -when you're looking for sex on the paranormal side of things, you'll get it here. Rough sex, gangbangs, romance-and all of it comes in the context of the paranormal. So, are you ready to download something sexy, sultry, romantic - and a little scary?

    Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sex and includes rough paranormal sex, group paranormal sex, paranormal gangbang sex, ghost sex, vampire sex, and more. Only mature adults who won't find these types of sexual situations offensive should listen to this collection.

      1. The Client List: An Erotic Vampire Story by Alice J. Woods
    • 2. Inked For Sex: A Sex Curse Story by Alice J. Woods
    • 3. Puppet Masters: A Ghost Sex Story by Alice J. Woods
    • 4. The Girl Who Bites by Alice J. Woods
    • 5. The Muse: An Erotic Vampire Story by Alice J. Woods
    • 6. Love From Beyond: Paranormal Erotica by Alice J. Woods
    • 7. The Amulet by Alice J. Woods
    • 8. Love Spells Disaster by Alice J. Woods
    • 9. Candice and the Ghost: A Paranormal Erotica Short by Mary Ann James
    • 10. All Five of You? A Paranormal Gang Bang by June Stevens
    • 11. Kami and The Vampire's Secret: Paranormal Erotica By Lisa Myers
    • 12. Halloween Horror By Missy Allen
    • 13. The Vampire Selina: Blood Debt by S.D. Smith and Molly Synthia

    ©2013 DIgismith Press (P)2014 Digismith Naughty Nightingale Erotica Publishing

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