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Mistakes were made

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5 out of 5 stars

Rezensiert am: 05.12.2019

I really go enjoy this series. The characters have a unique feeling to them and each one with different intents and wishes. The story is well written and I simply adore the genre of expanding, influence and power building structures such as dungeons or even people or groups.

The only negative is the change in narrator. I have not heard any books with this speaker before and i cannot say that he is a good fit for this genre. Where the first one used different intonations and accents to underline the different people. The new one simply reads his lines. It is at times hard to figure out who is talking to whom and the overall immersion for the characters, which was build from the first book on just crumbles, if there is no effort on the side of the speaker. Especially, if a southern (I have to imagine it is southern, I am not native to the USA) accent is chosen for a world which is not very heavy on american accents.It simply felt wrong and killed all joy I had for the book at the time.

I do hope there will be a next one as I am at the point of this review not done listening to it. And I hope the first narrator will pick this book up again in the future.