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The endless self-reinforcing cycle of despair & hope?

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4 out of 5 stars

Rezensiert am: 13.07.2019

Even though some of the analogies (eg. the "laws of emotion") start to sound somewhat far fetched after some time I would strongly encourage others to read/listen on & wait for further points and pay offs in the writing's reasoning.

There are some truly mind-opening points to be found about the nature of hope and it's sometimes destructive qualities, as well as the apparent innate human bias towards some faith-based religions.
The sheer listing of all the different kinds of religions - and the well-reasoned argument that even science & interpersonal relationships are a kind of religion of themselves is a powerful take-away, as well as the argument about the importance of the concept of falsifying a theory/hypothesis in science.

This reminded me of the wonderful grand idea that supposedly nothing can ever be truly "proven" in science, but is only a step in an endless upward spiral between a new hypothesis/theory, experiments to support this theory, the results of an experiment that contradicts and therefore falsifies this theory & the emergence of a new hypothesis/theory that has adapted to the new found evidence of this latest experiment....

All in all, the book is certainly not flawless or perfect, but poses some truly interesting and encouraging views on our modern dilemmas as well as their intricate connections to hope and faith.
A must read/listen !

(P.S.: In case you find one of the jokey anecdotes annoying - just accelerate the narration speed for a bit - it'll get interesting again soon, and if you missed something, you can always play it back ;)

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