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  • French Verb Drills Mega Bundle

  • Autor: Frederic Bibard
  • Sprecher: Frederic Bibard
  • Spieldauer: 16 Std. und 34 Min.
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Learn the different conjugations of the highly useful verb avoir, dire, être, faire, finir, manger, pouvoir, savoir, venir, voir, and vouloir without memorizing anything. Using repetition exercises designed to build your reflexes, the drills will help you develop an instinct to select the correct verb form naturally, with no more hesitations.

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Very good practice.

  • Von Özgür Yalcin Am hilfreichsten 03.05.2018

Very good practice.

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Rezensiert am: 03.05.2018

Würden Sie dieses Hörbuch einem Freund empfehlen? Wenn ja, was würden Sie ihm dazu sagen?

This book was very well designed to enhance our memorization and there are lots of repetition and author waits for you to say the same expression after him. Then he repeats a little faster to fresh you up

Welche Figur hat Ihnen am besten gefallen? Warum?

2 months ago, I participated a French class to learn some basics but it was really difficult at first. But I am interested in expanding my language skills and prepare for living in Switzerland. That’s why I purchased this audiobook to learn some very common verbs.

Welche Figur hat Frederic Bibard Ihrer Meinung nach am besten interpretiert?

he is doing some quiz session randomly in order to see our improvements.

Hätten Sie das Hörbuch am liebsten in einem Rutsch durchgehört?

Yes, This audiobook was exactly what I needed to practice easily anywhere and anytime.

Was wäre für andere Hörer sonst noch hilfreich zu wissen, um das Hörbuch richtig einschätzen zu können?

I would recommend this book to everyone wants to practice French verbs with their conjugations easily.