Phillip G Tang

Phillip G Tang

We’re on vacation’ is what my dad used to say to justify getting us in so much debt we lost our home when I was eleven years old. Seeing my dad overspend on travel installed in me a fierce passion for travel bargains. Super Cheap Insider Guides are going to do two things for you. Firstly, show you how to experience a destination on the Super Cheap and secondly, show you the unbelievable bargains worth your money. I started travelling full-time at the age of 18. To date (2020) I have travelled to 187 countries supporting myself with my flight hacking work - Often I'm sat on a flight I paid $80 for when someone next to me paid $700 so that became my 'job'. To give you a taste of what Super Cheap Insider Guides are about we put 5 tips from each book into a 60 second YouTube video. Just search Super Cheap Insider Guides on YouTube to watch. I release a new Super Cheap book every Wednesday. If you would like us to apply our bargain hunting prowess to a specific destination, write me an e-mail If we find enough bargains to make it into a book, we’ll dedicate the guide to you! Please don't forget to click that "follow" button. That way Amazon will remind you when I have a new book out. Happy reading and travelling, Phil P.S email me philgtang @ gmail . com or with any questions. I don't use social media.
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